July Newsletter

Welcome to our July newsletter!

Now the summer holiday season is upon us we do hope you have something wonderfully relaxing planned! Are you off somewhere nice or planning some time to enjoy your family at home? Perhaps you’re gearing up for the Great North Run in the autumn? Whatever you're up to, make sure you look after your feet!


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News from the clinic

Please join us in giving our new podiatrist Evelyn Mcgee a huge welcome to the clinic. We’re delighted she’s joining the team and as you can see from the photo above (she's the one on the far left) Evelyn is settling in very well!

Evelyn specialises in lower limb rehabilitation, tendinopathy and running injuries. Her career to-date has seen her work in New Zealand at Foot Mechanics, a leading sports medicine clinic, and looking after boxing champion Joshua Nyika at the New Zealand Boxing Association. We’re delighted Evelyn now has her foot in the door with us!

The countdown for the completion of the refurbishments is well underway, which includes the installation of the Optogait technology. It's a state of the art system that it helps to measure irregularities in the way we walk and run, and helps us find out what is causing your pain. The renovations also include the installation of LED lighting, new internet access and a water cooler so please bear with us while all the improvements take place.

We’re no longer running our home visiting service from Newcastle Foot Clinic. If you do require a home visit please contact our Regent Centre on 0191 228 6021.
What's under your socks?

The Great North Run is just around the corner and as training regimes will now be in full swing a few people may begin to notice a few aches and pains.

One of the most common lower limb injuries we see here at the Newcastle Foot Clinic during this time of year is pain in the arch of the foot. This is normally Tibialis posterior tendinopathy. Tibialis posterior tendinopathy is a common over-use injury to the tibialis posterior muscle which is in the inside of the leg. It is used to plantar flex the foot as in going up on your toes, and invert the foot which is turning the soles of the feet inwards. You may experience pain in the arch of the foot and swelling.

The pain is better when you rest but returns one activity. Does any of this sound familiar?

If yes, then give us a call on 0191 261 8375 to get booked in for a consultation. It’s important that you get the correct management in order to help get you back on the road.

What we love this month....

The renovations are nearly complete in the clinic but no-one in the team has admitted to buying a foot-shaped table (yet) for their home!

And our clients say!
Our main goal is to make your feet happy and providing you with the best quality service possible. Here’s the latest testimonials:

"I am very happy with the orthotics after years of uncomfortable shoes."

"This is my second treatment after a number of years. The first appointment cured my problems and I'm pleased to report the second one has as well. I'm very pleased."
We'd love to hear your stories. Email us and let us know if we can contact you for a testimonial! And please don't forget to talk to us over on Facebook and Twitter too.

Don't forget, next time you're in the clinic fill in our customer feedback form. Each month we draw a winner and from now on the prize is foot cream so you can continue to love your feet in between appointments!

Until next time!

The Newcastle Foot Clinic Team